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Me, Myself, and I

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Icon Tressa by xHelena-Skyx Icon Thana by xHelena-Skyx Icon Utahime by SkaianAngel
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The face is the mirror of the mind, and eyes without speaking confess the secrets of the heart.

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Love is such a funny thing? Don't you think?You don't even have to meet someone face to face to fall head over heels for them. It's like this magical moment where you talk to them for the first time and you pause and say "Wow..." And then just suddenly you know that they're the one.

Couple by xHelena-Skyx

This is the story of Helena and Petricus. Helena had started a role play based off of a book she was writing. She needed ideas, so why not turn to the creative mind of the internet. The role play sat idle for months. No one joined . Well, until one man joined and brought the role play to life.

Not only did he breathe life into the role play, but he breathed life into the girl behind Helena. Soon, the role play took second place to their conversations about this or that. She looked forward to talking to him every day. And every day he showed up to speak to her.

Slowly but surely, the man fell for the girl, but was willing to give her up if it meant her happiness. Sure along the line the girl made mistakes, but she always returned to him because no matter what lies she tried to tell herself, she couldn't deny that she loved him more than life itself.

So finally, the two of them got together, even though an ocean seperated them and tried to keep them apart. They continued to love each other and patiently wait for the day they would finally meet.

Petricus x Helena 3.0 by SkaianAngel [Com] VA by evillovebunny500 Jack x Christi 3.0 by SkaianAngel

You know by Fyi-Sus

.:xHelena-Skyx - Commission 2:. by Dokii-Lokii

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♥There is always room for more of my friends, ask if you want to be a part♥

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Mess With ANY of them in ANY way and you're messing with me.
I will protect them with my life, understand?
You don't want to incur the wrath of the oldest sister
yukiihara ((Little Sister / My Mini-me))
karkrab1216 ((Youngest Brother / My Clone))
PoundCakeMLP2000 ((Oldest Younger Brother / My Mareep))

The Mystic Instinct Alliance by SkaianAngel

xHelena-Skyx | Big sis | Pagedoll commission (l) by Saeye xHelena-Skyx |Little sis |Pagedoll commission (ll) by Saeye



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~Feel Free to add me on Your Compatible Pokemon Games!~
~My Friend Code is Listed on my Trainer Card!~
~I can turn your Pokemon Shiny!~

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Christi Bell Trainer Card 2 by xHelena-Skyx
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Don't forget to check me out on PokeMMO as ChristiBelle!

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PokeMMO JackEthan and ChristiBelle by xHelena-Skyx

The Website can be found here:
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xHelena-Skyx's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States

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Name~ Helena Sky
Age~ 21
Gender~ Female
Country: USA
Language~ English
Status~ Betrothed To JackDoyle94
House~ Slytherin
Zodiac~ Sagittarius ♐
Patron Troll~ Equius Zahhak♐
Moon Sign~ Gemini ♊
Patron Troll~ Sollux Captor♊
Canon Patron Troll~ Aradia Megido♈
Favorite Troll~ Karkat Vantas ♋
Blood Color~ Yellow
God Tier~ Sylph of Doom
Moon~ Derse and Prospit Dreamer
Godly Parent~ Hades
Allegiance~ Solo Player
Fairy Race~ Spriggan
Alchemist Title~ The Shadow Alchemist
Military Rank~ Lance Corporal of the Scouting Legion
DWMA~ Dark Arm Meister Stephanie Tamashi
Weapon~ Multi-Form High Performance Weapon, Lance, of the Seishin clan. A split off from the Nakatsukasa clan. ((Sword, Spear, Scythe))
Gem~ Opal
Deadly Sin~ Wrath
Bender?~ Fire Bender
Region~ Kanto
Starter~ Charmander

Doom GIF by SkaianAngel

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- Stamp: Secretly kinky. - by ChicaTH - Stamp: I licked it, so it's mine. - by ChicaTH - Stamp: Kitten gal. - by ChicaTH Collar Love by Keralza Tail (Stamp) by ghoulpng Cat ears by nekomataonna
All Hail the Queen by SkaianAngel Queen Christi by SkaianAngel Did I say you could stop...? by SkaianAngel
BDSM Stamp by ladynightseduction Bi - stamp by Uzlo Pet Stamp by BenDrill Bondage Freak Stamp by Tripp-X-Foxx Team Switch by ifyoucanmakeme I have a FETISH by Shadowglove

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xHelena-Skyx | Pixel dolly - Commission by Saeye

F2U - Pixel Wing - Black Version - Flipped by vvhiskers Custom Box Header About me by Dri-Bee F2U - Pixel Wing - Black Version by vvhiskers

Your name is CHRISTI MARIE.

You go by many names though often cycling through them all at a VERY RAPID SPEED mostly because you JUST CAN'T MAKE UP YOUR MIND. Some of your many names include Helena Sky, Beautiful Stranger, Queen Suriya, Orelia Adelyn, Spiria Colset, Tressa Trillby, The Ringmaster, Thanata, Scarlet Thorne, Skylaris, and Mistress L. Although on PokeMMO you go by ChristiBelle FOR SOME ODD REASON. For the sake of simplicity though, let's just call you SKY.

You have a variety of INTERESTS. You have a passion for RIDICULOUSLY PERVERTED ROMANTIC STORIES. You should really be EMBARRASSED for liking such LECHEROUS STORIES, but for some reason you are not. When you aren't writing lemons you are writing HUMOROUS TALES or POETRY SO DEPRESSING IT MAKES YOU WANT TO CURL UP IN A CORNER AND DIE. You like to draw anime but you are NOT VERY GOOD AT IT. You often are accused of tracing images that you DREW BY SIGHT and are in the process of crediting them anyways just to MAKE EVERYONE SHUT THE FUCK UP ABOUT IT. Your favorite thing about writing is CREATING NEW CHARACTERS. It is this reason that you have an abundance of them lying around and ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO WITH THEM ALL.

MUSIC plays a big part in your pathetic life. You will listen to JUST ABOUT ANYTHING although you have an odd fondness for NIGHTCORE SONGS. You also like to like to DANCE. You like to practice with your MP3 PLAYER HEADPHONES ON, but just wind up looking like KIND OF AN IDIOT BY YOURSELF IN YOUR ROOM.

You have a tendency of becoming easily obsessed with series of PIXELS arranged on a screen into the likeness of HOT BOYS, usually with ATTITUDES. You refuse to accept that the boys are just CHARACTERS and believe that they are living in some sort of ALTERNATE DIMENSION just OUT OF YOUR REACH. When it comes to certain topics you can become some what of a LOUD ANNOYING FANGIRL, going far enough to drive your few friends BATSHIT UP THE FUCKING BELFRY. However, you also have the tendency of TURNING REDDER THAN A TOMATO and ATTEMPTING TO HIDE BEHIND THE NEAREST OBJECT OR PERSON WHEN EMBARRASSED.

You are the EVIL QUEEN. Of what country, you do not know. Possibly of a country called VESPER TERRA which in reality DOES NOT TRULY EXIST. You came across this role due to the fact that you ARE A PRINCESS WHO FAILED. You happen to have a DARK KNIGHT whom you LOVE DEARLY. However this Dark Knight happens to be as intimidating as a FLUFFY BUNNY. While things between you recently may not have been the best, you LOVE HIM WITH ALL YOUR HEART AND SOUL and realize that he tells the truth when he says THERE WON'T BE A THIRD TIME. The thought of your future together makes you happy and you often spend large quantities of time pondering things about your future such as where you will live, all the pets you will have, and the names of your children. You have far more girl's names than you do boy's names and that bothers you sometimes. You already have your first two children planned though. Damien and Adriana. These names come from a long story between you and your matesprite having to do with a book you're writing.

You like to refer to yourself as a FUCK-MOTHERING BITCH since you have watched HELLSING ABRIDGED and several of your friends SEEM TO AGREE WITH YOU. You tend to make a MESS out of EVERYTHING YOU TOUCH and have been dubbed HURRICANE CHRISTI. However, since becoming obsessed with DEATH THE KID you are attempting to make your room SYMMETRICAL. It would also be a good time to mention that you are FAILING MISERABLY. You like to eat CANDY and consume LARGE UNHEALTHY AMOUNTS OF SUGAR.

Aside from the aforementioned titles you happen to have two more that are special to you. There are only two people IN THIS ENTIRE UNIVERSE that get to call you them. The first name is Snowflake. You were adopted and your mother always told you that you were PICKED UP AT THE AIRPORT. It happened to be snowing that day. Ever since SHE HAS CALLED YOU HER LITTLE SNOWFLAKE. Your loving betrothed adopted this title for you MUCH TO YOUR MOTHER'S DISMAY, but she has BEGRUDGINGLY AGREED TO SHARE THE NAME. He cemented this title in place with a SNOWFLAKE NECKLACE that he sent you from across an ocean for Christmas. You still wear this necklace on occasions even though it is no longer winter. The second name is Kitty Kyat. You are your boyfriend's little pet and happily so. You paw at him on occasion just for fun but you still wear your collar like a good girl. You are as much his kitty as he is your Fluffy Bunny.

Your trolltag is angelicRebel and you type in a very precise and grammatically correct fashion, often correcting others for their mistakes for fun and a show of superiority although you do tend to swear like a sailor.

What will you do?

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((Looking for more admins!))
John Egbert~…
Rose Lalonde~…
Dave Strider~…
Jade Harley~…
Karkat Vantas 1~…
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A Home for Homestucks~…
The Fandom Family~…
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Trunks Briefs~…

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